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Graduate Management Trainee Jobs

Want to learn how to inspire and lead while gaining valuable, hands-on experience across customer service, sales and marketing, finance, and operations? Then a Graduate Management Trainee role is for you. With our help and guidance, you’ll quickly grow to understand how to manage a successful, multimillion-pound business. Speaking of growth, we’ve got plenty of that waiting for you, too. There’s training. There’s development. And an open-door policy that encourages informal mentoring. Plus, with our unique promote-from-within culture, you’ll always be making progress in your career – and flourishing in ways you probably never thought possible.

Hear from our Team.

Discover what it’s like to be a Graduate Management Trainee at Enterprise Mobility.

Your location. No matter where you work, you’ll make a major impact.

Where will you work? You’ll start close to home at one of our neighbourhood locations. You’ll build relationships with coworkers, customers, and mentors. Then, you’ll be ready for the big leagues – managing a multimillion-pound neighbourhood branch or airport location. The skills and experience you gain will be the foundation of your career.


Enterprise Mobility started in neighbourhoods. Being a neighbour and a business partner to car dealerships, insurance representatives, and body shops. You'll listen and make decisions on how to best help each customer. You’ll manage a fleet of vehicles. And train and develop your staff. The goal? Make our customers’ lives a little easier and grow your business.


At the airport, every day is different. And a new challenge. Your fleet of vehicles is bigger than a neighbourhood branch. And you’ll have more customers with different travel needs. You’ll learn skills that’ll help you continue to grow your career. Managing airport locations is about more than cars and employees. It’s sharing a fleet with our other brands. And doing what it takes to get your customers on their way.

Your team. Working with great people is a given.

From day one, you’ll find that all your coworkers are driven by the same values that Enterprise Mobility was founded on. We build connections. One customer. One business relationship. One coworker at a time. And, every day will bring new and exciting challenges. Here are some of the people you could interact with:

Branch Manager

A leader? Yes. Strategic? For sure. Employees in this role make sure everything keeps running smoothly at our branches.

Area Managers

Bigger than the branch, Area Managers cover a whole region and make sure everything keeps running smoothly, ensuring our customers get everywhere they want to go.

Assistant Manager

Adaptable, agile and attentive, our Assistant Managers share the responsibility of running the branch with the branch manager.

Customers and Business Partners

This our community. The people who rely on Enterprise Mobility to get where they need to go. And the businesses that we partner with in order to make it all possible.

Your future. Let’s get it going down the right path.

Want to be the future of Enterprise Mobility? As a Management Trainee, you will be. You’ll be given real responsibility – and be expected to own it. We’ll empower you to experience, explore and thrive. With support and training, and a promote-from-within culture, you’ll get the chance to explore many paths in one career – all at one company. You just need to take the first step.

  1. Graduate Management Trainee is level 1
  2. Management Assistant is level 2
  3. Assistant Manager is level 3
  4. Branch Manager is level 4
  5. Area Manager is level 5
  6. Group Rental Manager is level 6
  7. Regional Vice President is level 7
  8. Vice President/ General Manager is level 8

Your talents. Let’s make sure they measure up.

Looking for responsibility right away? Want to start moving up your career path quickly? Here’s the competency areas we look for in our Graduate Management Trainees:

Customer Service Aptitude

Hands down, customer service is the most important thing at Enterprise Mobility. It’s not a policy. Or a gimmick. It’s our business and a way of life around here. Our goal is to exceed customer expectations. That means you’ll be more than friendly, you’ll care about our customers and take the time and effort to build relationships with them.

Sales Aptitude

Great things happen when you listen. It helps you understand what the customer wants and makes the sale that much simpler. Why does that matter? Because getting to know your teammates and building relationships with customers are sales strategies vital to our growth and success. And, as a Graduate Management Trainee, that’s a sales philosophy you’ll have to get behind.

Work Ethic

If you’re a type of person that springs into action when faced with a challenge, then we’re looking for you. Positive and enthusiastic? Have the will and want to launch a successful career? All the better. We want proactive people looking to deliver great results, not make excuses.


Winning the respect of those around is never easy. But if you’re the type of person who believes teamwork makes great things happen, then we’re looking for you. Because being a leader doesn’t mean commanding a room, it means being confident enough to listen to others and work together.


A big part of being great at communication is listening. It also means having the ability to get your message across confidently, openly, and persuasively. Our Graduate Management Trainees have every tool in the communication toolbox, and know how to lend an ear, and get their point across.


Flexible? Good. Sometimes you might have to bend over backward and prioritise the way you work. So, if you’re willing to get things done quickly and are ready to meet our customers’ needs while juggling several other tasks, then you’ll fit right in.

This is just the tip of the iceberg. As a Graduate Management Trainee, the more you put in to the programme, the more you’ll get out of it. We promote from within, based on performance. Not seniority. Take advantage of any and every opportunity. And enjoy the rewards.


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